You've been asking for it (a lot!), so here it is: the day-to-day schedule for the 2017 edition of DF Antwerp is now available on our website.

We will announce the daily line-up for the confirmed bands on WED 23/08. At the same time our DAY TICKETS will become available!
Yes, that's next week. Your prayers have been answered.

Important service announcement: all rooms at Van Der Valk hotel have been booked, so the hotel deal on our website is no longer an option.

Here's a short and quick one, but still packed full of goodness.

Remember last week, when we were promising "very exciting headliners"?

We tend to keep our promise, and so it has begun.

Back once again with a hot slew of names to fuel your Desertfest cravings!

Hot on the trails of our last announcement, we're back already with a quadruple punch of heavy rocking goodness that will get the blood rushing for October to come, for sure!

While you're all still vibing on the buzz of Desertfest Berlin and London, let's add some fuel to those flames with a quick roundup of new confirmations for the DF Antwerp edition...