Back once again with a hot slew of names to fuel your Desertfest cravings!

Hot on the trails of our last announcement, we're back already with a quadruple punch of heavy rocking goodness that will get the blood rushing for October to come, for sure!

While you're all still vibing on the buzz of Desertfest Berlin and London, let's add some fuel to those flames with a quick roundup of new confirmations for the DF Antwerp edition...

We know you all have been aching for this, so without further adue let us present the first names for the 2017 edition of Desertfest Antwerp!

IMPORTANT SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: We have almost run out of Early Bird Tickets.

It's official: Desertfest Antwerp 2017 edition is on, and it will be from Friday Oct 13 (whoo!) until Sunday Oct 15.