DF ANTWERP 2018: Dead Meadow, Wiegedood, Ancestors, Messa, Heads


DF ANTWERP 2018: Dead Meadow, Wiegedood, Ancestors, Messa, Heads

Well, we promised a worthy replacement for John Garcia, and we think this one will delight all you fans of delicious stoner grooves.

With 20 years and 7 records on the counter, Dead Meadow can truly be considered venerable veterans of the scene. With their most recent album 'The Nothing They Need', the DC band has made a glorious return 5 years after the previous outing. By now the ingredients might be familiar - heavy proto-metal riffing and long psych workouts - but once again the band proves noone cooks up a stew quite like they do. A rock solid addition to this year's line-up, we think you'll agree!

We already have one Belgian heavyweight on the program, so how about another? Wiegedood got its infamy coming up with a disturbing band name that translates to "crib death" in Dutch. But soon we learned that this was no mere gimmick: their peculiar version of black metal is effectively as unsettling and grim as the name suggests.

If the album teasers are anything to go by, the next album by Ancestors is gonna be something truly special. A culmination of everything the band stands for, from the atmospheric post-rock passages to the chugging riffs. Six years is a long wait for a new album in these times, but it seems like this will truly be worth the wait.

Another singular voice at the festival comes from Messa, who merge seemingly disparate genres like doom metal and dark jazz into one sonic stew they describe as 'Scarlet Doom'. And finally, the German HEADS. adds shades of shoegaze and post-rock in their noiserock, with equally unique results.
There you have it, a selection of new names that truly add a sense of adventure and experiment to the line-up. You know we still have some headliners in store for you, so stay tuned!

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