DF Antwerp 2018 welcomes Enslaved, Lucifer and more!


DF Antwerp 2018 welcomes Enslaved, Lucifer and more!

We continue the onslaught with another roundup of heaviness, and this one's top heavy!

Desertfest has always been about expanding the idea of what is truly mindbending heavy music. Some of you may think the progressive black metal of Enslaved is a leftfield choice for the fest, but there you have it - it feels like a natural fit for us.
The band's work owes as much to Pink Floyd and King Crimson as it does to Mayhem and Bathory, and the universal acclaim for their latest album 'E' proves that after a versatile career spanning more than 25 years, Enslaved is still a mighty force to be reckoned with.

For those of you who still crave the boogie, don't fret. The rest of our new additions will give you that heavy blues fix many times over, in all forms and shapes! First up we have the Berlin-based witchery of Lucifer, paying glorious homage to '70s hard rock while building on it with some impressive song craftmanship. Child is another take on the same era, with a psychedelic heavy blues infusion that belies the band's Australian origin. They came to shred the 'Fest in 2015, and they will return to shred once more!

In a more loose caboose vein, Blood of the Sun will offer up no-frills Texan boogie that is all about ridin' that muscle car down the desert road, beer and reefer in hand. Oh yeah: and lots of organ, oh that glorious organ! Finally, for those of you who want it nasty and just a little bit dangerous, there's Sonic Wolves, a sideproject featuring Vita from Ufomammut and the most awesome DoomQueen Kayt Vigil - and that is all you need to know really.