Covid Regulations

On this page we want to inform you on the COVID regulations that will be in order during the weekends of the Antwerp and Ghent editions. We realize that a lot of our visitors are traveling from abroad, please understand that these are regulations that are imposed by the government and as such non-negotiable.

Since 1 September, all precautionary measures for visiting an event have been dropped - so no social distancing, no face masks. However, in order to gain access to a venue with capacity +200 (and +500 from October onwards) you are required to present a valid COVID Safe Ticket (CST) and proof of identity (identity card or driver's license).

The CST is identical to the European Corona certificate, so you don't need any additional document if you have one. Typically you can get a certificate when fully vaccinated, or when you have been tested within the mandatory period (1 or 2 days depending on the test).

IMPORTANT: There are no testing facilities provided at the festival site (Trix). Visit this site to find out more on testing in Belgium, including nearby testing locations.

You can find more info on the CovidSafe ticket on this official site

Also note that if you're staying in Belgium for longer than 48 hours, you must complete the Public Health Passenger Locator Form (PLF) in the 48 hours before your arrival in Belgium, even if you’re vaccinated.

Here you will find all the information on how to travel safely to Belgium from abroad.

Just to make it clear


Since we value everyone's freedom of choice in this matter, for a limited time (until Wed 15/9 at 2 PM CET) we will offer the possibility to get a refund for your ticket if for whatever reason you can or will not be able to obtain a certificate.

Check the ticket pages for the procedure for Antwerp and Ghent.