Hello all you friends of Desertfest,


With great pain and sorrow we have to let you know that, after serious consideration, we have decided to cancel the October 2020 edition of Desertfest Belgium.


Rest assured that we have not taken this decision lightly. Over the last few months we have devised several scenarios for October in which a gathering of thousands of rock enthusiasts from around the globe are enjoying a three-day international lineup of bands in an intimate setting. In the end we have come to the conclusion that such a scenario for this year is simply not a realistic option. Please take into account that the organisation of an event like this takes many months and a lot of prior engagements from artists and crew, and even at this point there are too many ifs and buts, too many risks, too much uncertainty.


All of you who already supported us by ordering tickets before even one name was communicated: we salute and thank you, and we will shortly send out a mail with detailed instructions on how to register for your compensation, either a voucher or a refund.


To end on a brighter note: with this decision out of the way, we can now shift our full focus to the preparation of a 2021 comeback that will make you all forget 2020 ever happened.. because we have plans and we can't wait to share them with you. Keep an eye on the socials and our newsletter, news will be forthcoming within the next few weeks. 


Thank you all for your understanding and your continued support. Stay safe and stay strong out there!


Horns up, Corona down,

The Desertfest Belgium crew