Every Desertfest-edition there is always something truly unique happening. This year noisers/punkers/trashers PINK ROOM will not only play Desertfest Antwerp, they will also play in their hometown at Desertfest Ghent! Even more unique is that they will play the Black Sabbath classic album ‘Paranoid’ (1970) from A to Z at both shows. What a black surprise! 


More than 50 years after its original release the album still stands solid as a rock. Untamable songs like 'Iron Man' and 'War Pigs' -with untamable riffs- were the start of a whole new music genre. Without ‘Paranoid’ no heavy metal, no stoner rock, no doom, nor sludge – and of course no Desertfest. The horror!


Pink Room brings along a flock of bats to bludgeon your ears. Are along for the ride:


Bart Baele (Speedözer, Ndugu, Tubelight)

Jelle Denturck (DIRK., Protection Patrol Pinkerton)

Willy Organ

Wim Segers (Compro Oro, PAARD.)

Lynn Claus (Ponykamp, Mother) 

& more tbc!


Together they will transform our venues into a deadly catacomb. Loud, louder, loudest!


On another, less fortunate note: due to conflicting agendas STEAK won’t be playing Desertfest Ghent, but stand assured, they will serve their meat and bones at Desertfest Antwerp.


Don’t be paranoid, follow the bats and get your well-deserved tickets to the Desertfest over here