Hello all you Tusken Raiders,


Last time we met, you were probably blissed-out somewhere in space, grooving to one of the many killer acts that made Desertfest Antwerp 2019 the highlight of your festival year... So it's safe to assume that ever since then, you have been impatiently waiting for a sign -any sign!- that it will be happening again this year.

If that is the case, consider this your lucky day! Just look at that sublime artwork above... just look at it. What it tells you is that YES, there will be a Desertfest Belgium in 2020, YES, it will once again be at Trix Antwerp, and YES, it will be bigger and bolder than anything that came before it. More details on that in the very near future, but first things first.



If you consider yourself an Early Bird, the ones with the blind faith to follow us wherever we may roam - you can start ordering your combi tickets at an exclusive and very limited extremely reduced price at this very moment (which means: on Friday 14/2 at 1 pm sharp).



87,5 Euros (including all service costs) for 3 DAYS of rock'n'roll mayhem, in an extremely limited amount. We will let you know when that amount is nearly depleted, but once they're gone, that's it! 


You'll have to wait until mid-March when we will announce the first names and the Reduced Price Combi Tickets start selling.
There you go, you have been duly warned so don't miss out!



The Desertfest Belgium 2020 team