If you are still in doubt about leaving your safe homestead to return to the Desert sands in October, this next round of names should push you over the brink.


Please note that these are all bands for the ANTWERP line-up only! We'll return to you soon with more names for the double bill.

The German jam-psych outfit COLOUR HAZE is a scene favourite, and with good reason. With a rock-solid reputation built on years and years of quality releases and insanely good live shows, as a DF headliner this one's a no-brainer. The same can be said of WOLVENNEST, one of the most unique bands to come from the Belgian underground scene. Every one of their shows is a unique ritual, and they are ready to take you to the Sabbath! 


We're only getting revved up over here. Anyone up for some CONAN? A rhetorical question, for sure. After this infernal year they are supremely primed for aural destruction, and we can't wait to get our body and mind pummeled into submission - in the best way possible of course. From Sweden, we welcome the city's next psychrock sensation: MAIDA VALE! And rounding out this batch of names, the great SOMALI YACHT CLUB will bring their trance-inducing stoner-post-rock to our stage.


Hope you like these new additions, and remember there's still lots more good coming your way!


combiticketS (€87,50 ALL-IN) for the Antwerp edition of DF Belgium 2021 are still available.

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If you'd rather join us in Ghent (or why not both?), tickets for the one-day event are still available as well (€52,00 ALL-IN).
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