Back once again, with another headbanger, and this time we break out the truly deep ‘n’ heavy!


Making up for last year’s unfortunate cancellation, we’re glad that Wolves In The Throne Room will make it this year. Let’s burn some black candles to ward off any new pandemic, shall we? We’re also very glad to welcome two doom titans from the east and the north. Belzebong from Poland are always a Good Bad-Ass Time with their ripping lowdown instrumentals, and Sweden’s Suma are keen on celebrating a belated 20th birthday on stage.


In case you were wondering if there will be a no-frills blues rock fix on the bill, wonder no more! The Heavy Eyes have us covered with their homegrown Delta boogie, while Dommengang will be here to deliver a West Coast vibe.


Greece has been delivering the stoner goods for a long time now, and it is with great pleasure we announce the return of the jam-adelic Naxatras and the first-time arrival of Half Gramme of Soma


We promised some deep cuts, and we got ‘em. Berlin scene mainstays Samavayo will be here, as well as Sweden’s Ripple Records signees Cities of Mars. We’re also very excited that Polymoon will come to dish out a hefty dose of Finnish nu psychedelia.


To round things off, two Belgian bands from extreme ends of the spectrum. On the one end we got the extremely grim sludgers of Hispÿn, at the other is the very goofy but equally hard-banging Gnome who despite their diminutive appearance are not to be messed with.


What’s more? This Monday 18/07 at 11:00 AM CET we will announce the day per day lineup for DF ANTWERP. This means that on Monday 18/07 separate one day tickets will go on sale for DF ANTWERP! You have been warned!


Let’s be honest here: things are looking good, and better by the minute. Your hard-earned money will be well spe.. WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON’T HAVE YOUR TICKET YET!?! Ticket prices are still reduced now, go get ‘em before we start calling ‘em ‘regular’!